Brooks Fishing Club


Semi-Monthly Pontoon Fishing Trips

Coordinator: Tom Heaton RSVP to 239.949.1476
Assistant Coordinator: Larry Rothenberg RSVP to 240.994.6175
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Dates: Pontoon Fishing Trips are scheduled for the second Thursday and the
last Tuesday of each month, October through April.

Location: Bonita Boat Rentals, across from the Commons Club –

Times: Depart dock (7:30-8:00) and return to the dock at 12:00 PM, or noon – 4 pm depending upon tides.

Tip: We typically tip the dock help a couple of dollars per fisherman, so bring some singles with you.

Bait: Live Shrimp ( 90 per boat ) are supplied by the club.

License: Florida Fishing license is required for all non-Florida residents and for any Florida resident under the age of 65. Other exemptions exist for active military. Click this link for current license rules.

ID: Florida residents 65 and over must have proof of residency, e.g. Drivers License

Bring: Bring your own fishing gear, snacks/water, etc.

Morning Trips: 
$20 members, $45 wait list/male guests of club members
Afternoon Trips: $35 members, $60 wait list/male guests of club members

Cancellations: If you sign up for a pontoon fishing trip and don’t show, it causes the club to loose money. Please have the courtesy to call ahead of time if you must cancel.

Bonita BR Pontoon rentalThe pontoon boats are setup for fishing and typically there will be four fishermen per boat. We have as few as two boats going out on a given day and have had as many as eight boats rented.

If you would like to join, all you have to do is contact Tom Heaton and leave your name and the name of any other members or guests that will be joining you. It is essential to commit ahead of time to enable Tom to make the correct arrangements for the number of boats as well as the quantity shrimp needed.


BFC members can rent pontoons for special discounted prices.