Brooks Fishing Club


Off Shore Fishing Charters

No fishing license is needed for any of these chartered trips because the Captain’s license includes all on board.

  • Charter boats provide all angling equipment.
  • Captain and mate will clean all fish, bag the fillets, and offer ice.
  • An 18% to 20% tip is customary for good experiences.
  • Payment is due at trip completion, either by personal check or with cash.
    • No debit or credit cards are accepted.
  • Once a trip is arranged and anglers have committed to participate, club rules apply in case of a participants cancellation.  The individual canceling must either find a substitute or suffer the full cost of his share of the trip.
  • In addition to sunglasses, sun block, hat/cap, snacks and drinks, participants should bring a small cooler.  The cooler will serve to keep your drinks cold during the trip and to keep your fish fillets iced during the drive home.
  • It is always a good idea to pack some Dramamine.

Upcoming Charters

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