Brooks Fishing Club


Back Water Fishing Charters

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  • No fishing license is required because the captain’s license includes all on board;
  • The Captain provides all bait and spinning tackle;
  • The Captain will fillet your fish; but you should bring baggies and a cooler for the trip home;
  • We generally tip a bit over 10%, but if you have a great day and there are lots of fish to be cleaned, more than 10% would be appreciated;
  • Payment is due at the completion of the trip by cash or check payable to the captain;
  • Members should bring sunglasses, a hat, sun block, and water; you may bring snacks or drinks;
  • It is best to consolidate items needing to be cold into one cooler to conserve space on board;
  • Both of the captains listed below fish in the back waters of Estero Bay and do not go into the Gulf, except for short near-shore excursions on a calm day;
  • Trips are offered by the Club in season most every month with these guides; you may also contact them directly to schedule a private (i.e., non-club) trip;
  • Both captains have guided many trips for members; we have learned that you aren’t guaranteed of super fishing every time out but you will enjoy the captain and learn Estero Bay.

Note: Once a member commits to a trip through the club, club rules require that a member who does not show or cancels is responsible for his share of the cost of the trip, including tip. If a member secures a substitute from the club’s member or wait list, the original member is no longer responsible for his share of the cost.