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East Coast Charters

Fishing with the BOLO team
Don’t be intimidated by the price, they still make money – they just don’t have to go out far to catch fish. In fact you are rarely 2-3 miles from shore. Also, go on to see the daily catches.

Call them 954-943-1808 speak to John the owner of the four boats (he is from England – note the accent). He knows his boats, his captains and the mates and appears to be quite transparent about current catches and the weather. They are located at the Cove Marina in Deerfield beach – 135 miles from the Brooks – 2 1/4 hrs.

They have four boats: all have a good descriptions on the web. site.
43’ custom Whiticar
48’ Merritt Capt. George
46’ Hatteras Capt. Chris
52’ Hatteras

The boats leave at 7:00 am or 12:00 pm
John will give us 10% off for the Brooks Club he calls it his “Regulars” price…

When you book a private charter you can take up to to 6 which lowers pp. cost, but will take 2 cars…
4 hour shared trip 6 fisherman $594 ($ 99 pp. + tip = $ 120 –
Brooks Fishing Club rate:
4 hour private trip 4 + guys $549 ($138 pp. + tip = $165 $499 ($125 pp. + tip = $ 150)
6 hour private trip 4 + guys $699 ($175 pp. +tip = $210 $630 ($158 pp + tip = $ 190)
all day private trip 4 + guys $899 ($225 pp. +tip = $270 $899 ($ 225 pp.+ tip = $ 279)
all day private sword fish trip 15 miles 1200’ $999 + no discount

Like Naples, they are less booked Monday thru Thursday Best to book 1-2 weeks in advance!!!

John and the captains all say morning best fishing. Apparently the water is so deep and dark that the fish get active and surface feed at 1st light.

John requires a credit card to hold a boat – but does not charge a deposit or cancellation fee!!! You end up paying the Captain direct – he will take a c. card, but we all paid cash – only $150pp.

Bring your snacks and WATER/drinks – they do not provide!!
They will call you if weather seas are bad, and you’ll have an email confirmation with the Captain’s name & phone # etc.

We took one car, left S.W at 1:00, checked in to La Quinta Hotel 3:30, went to the marina (two miles away) to meet the captains and see what was caught, then to the beach area (2 miles) for drinks and dinner. We we up at 5:45, free breakfast at 6:15, and at the boat at 6:45 – back at 11:00, fish cleaned, had lunch – back at Shadow Wood at 3:30.

Take I-75 S til exit 19 then merging left FL-869 N Sawgrass, to SW 10th st., merge onto I-95N exit 42A fl-810E/Hillsboro Blvd. (to hotel or Marina)

We stayed at La Quinta Hotel (Now part of the Wyndham Hotels. I-95 & Hillsboro East. 954-421-1004 (older, clean, good firm beds, good breakfast) AAA rate $85.50 The Cove Marina only @ 2 miles from La Quinta, 1756 SE 3rd Court at COVE PLAZA – just before the bridge!!! The marina is at the end of the plaza. Great place for lunch right in the plaza Sylvain’s.
Dinner spot – Whale’s Rib 2031 N.E. 2nd St. (954-421-8880) not fancy, good seafood and packed. Flanagan’s Seafood bar (kind of a bar/bar) is adjacent to the Whale all about 1/1/2 miles from the marina and a block from the beach) JB’s on the Beach 300 N.E. 21st Ave. (954-571-5220) Also heard that the Ocean’s 234 (954-428-2539) is good -on the beach and more upscale.

Wishing you “tight lines” Ron Pierce – any questions: 239-949-5526