Brooks Fishing Club


Facebook Group

Some members are looking for a real-time way to communicate, and we are going to try a Facebook group to see if that will meet our needs.

The Facebook Group, found at:, is a closed group. It will only accept members. Posts, photos and questions can only be viewed by members and cannot be shared with non-members.

We hope you will enjoy sharing photos of your catches, using the group to organize impromptu meet-ups, ask questions and share tips. We also hope it gives you another way to get to know each other better. You may even choose to befriend individual members on Facebook outside the group.

Members can ask to join, or use the link that was emailed to the email address on record to join the group. Our webmaster, Kim Dailey, started the group for us, so that’s why the email came with her name and picture on it.

Don’t use Facebook? That’s ok. We simply wanted to offer another venue for communicating, sharing and getting to know each other to those who would like to.